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Attento Massage @ Baricaban
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 46 reviews
by Claude W. on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Meditation for De-Stressing that works

We went to see Graeme for a meditation and relaxation session. I've always been rather skeptical of yoga and meditation, but I thought I'd give it a try. I have tried group yoga before and felt a bit awkward but with just two of us i felt more comfortable taking direction.

After an hour of breathing, stretching and letting the stress of time go, I felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. Also, my bf slept like a baby that night - and he usually twists and turns in his sleep waking me up.

Graeme is patient and he'll give you clear direction and his technique works.

by Nic on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Can't go wrong

I saw Graeme 3 days ago for a 75 minute session. The session was a birthday gift so I was not sure what to expect or what I really wanted from the session. I left Graeme to it and he found muscle I didn't know I had! He found some issues that I was not aware of, which he worked very hard on to rectify. He also offered advice on how to avoid a repeat of some of those issues. At the end of the session, I felt great, despite Graeme's caution that I might feel a bit punched the next day, I was fine and felt good. I have no other recent experiences to compare this with however, from booking through to arriving, preparing for and receiving the treatment, my session was great and you can't go wrong with Graeme.

by Daniel on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Wanna feel like in the sky?

I had an incredibly massage few days ago and I can't wait to explain you. Such a great experience! You really experience sensations never felt before. Actually in one moment you feel like if a lot of people is touching your body and is only one!

The atmosphere, the music, the treatment... Definitely an amazing experience! 100% recommendable!

by Niall on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Excellent massage and advice

I have had a few massages from Graeme this year and the effects they have had are amazing.

The new room is big but still cosy and personnally I love the music choice.

The massage itself is the best I have ever had and I never feel that I have to rush out afterwards.

Graeme gave me some incredible advice on meditation and some recommended reading following my last massage which has actually had a huge positive effect on my ability to shut off and relax.

by Nick on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Great deep tissue massage

I had an initial massage with Graeme using a voucher. That first massage was so good that I've since booked a block of massages. I rate his skills, particularly his understanding of exactly how much pressure to apply to untangle knots. I highly recommend him for his professionalism and for creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in his studio.

by Shobhna on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Great massage

Graeme was v professional and his excellent knowledge of the anatomy was obvious. He was v focussed, competent and friendly. I recommend a massage by Graeme which will be a lovely experience.

by Jen on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
great deep tissue massage

Great massage by Graeme, the first time I have felt my neck and shoulders completely loosened after a massage. Graeme was very professional and genuine.

Definitely recommended

by Evelina on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

I had 60min Deep Tissue massage and it was such a great experience. The massage room was cosy, with welcoming ambience and relaxing music. I never had this kind of massage before, but I am well impressed, I still feel lightness in my back and am quite sure that regular sessions would help to improve my posture. Graeme was professional and thorough. So recommended!

by Rob Cummings on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

Excellent deep tissue massage. Liked the sms reminder. Thorough and professional service. Highly recommended.

by Nicol on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
great massage

A brilliant massage. It really worked! Graeme managed to find and then untangle some really twisted knots in my back....It felt great at the time and even better afterwards. He is so competent and focused yet he makes you feel totally at ease. Highly recommended!

by Nicol on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
great massage

A brilliant massage. It really worked! Graeme managed to find and then untangle some really twisted knots in my back....It felt great at the time and even better afterwards. He is so competent and focused yet he makes you feel totally at ease. Highly recommended!

by Zakaria on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Deep Tissue Massage

I was gifted a 1 hour deep tissue massage session and came away very happy. The massage lasted no less than an hour. Graeme creates a relaxing atmosphere and is very thorough. I would def recommend.

by ali on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
simple but so effective in such a short time

i wasn't sure what to expect but found it amazingly effective for something that looks so simple

by Aflal on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

I loved the reminders on email and SMS so that you don't forget.

Graeme was friendly and professional. I achieved what I hoped I would get. Welldone!

by Rohit Talwar on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Excellent massage

Fantastic. Most vigorous massage either of us had ever received. Really worked stiff areas of my back and shoulders with vigour and I felt great for it. Lots of good advice on stretching to resolve shoulder stiffness. Thank you.

by Chiemena Arbuah on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

I enjoyed the massage, Graeme had a systematic method and left me feeling revitalised I would recommend to all and will start booking a massage every month. The atmosphere was relaxing and created a chilled mood.

by Ilias on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Best massage session!

Graeme was amazing. I felt very comfortable with him from the beginning and throughout the massage. He did a great job and I felt very relaxed after the massage for the rest of the day. The studio is very nice and the piano music playing was very relaxing. I would definitely recommend him and return for another massage session.

by Emilie on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

This was a great overall experience. Graeme is a lovely guy who comes across as professional and sincere. I immediately felt at ease with him. The therapy room had a nice ambience, getting the balance just right between comfort and functionality. My massage lasted a full hour and I thought Graeme was very attentive to my needs. His is clearly an expert in his knowledge and understanding of the body. Graeme also took time to show me a couple of stretches that would help me afterwards. This was one of the best massages I have had. I came away feeling relaxed and with tensions lifted. I will definitely be coming back!

by Iesha on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Fab Massage!

A very professional, individualised massage with the prefect amount of pressure in the tight knotted areas.

by K on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

G knows the body and the techniques well. The massage is tuned to the body and the shapes rather than spending fixed time on different areas. It was very holistic and thorough, never had such a great massage. Perfect!

by Kendall Bickford on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Attentive, personalised, fantastic massage

Being a masseur myself I am always slightly dubious of trying new therapists. On this occasion Graeme really exceeded my expectations. His massage was thorough and his attention to detail and knowledge of the body was superb. There are very few massage therapists in London who can perform deep tissue the way I like it but Graeme is up there with the best. If you like deep tissue you will love Graeme!

by Pin on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Great Massage

This was a fantastic massage, Graeme even found sore areas in my back that I didn't know I had. Overall, a massage that has pure benefits, felt lighter and anti -knotted!! Thank you G, you are highly recommended.

by alicia on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Great Massage

Had a great massage and has made my neck, back and shoulders feel much better.

by Philip on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Fantastic massage

Fantastic massage! Very convenient location. Really helped with my problem areas and very grateful for the advice on preventing the discomfort in the future.

by S on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

Absolutely amazing massage, highly recommended.

by Francesca on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Amazing massage

I've had many massages but none as good as this it was amazing! For once someone who actually dealt with m problem areas and actually listened to me. I will be going back as often as I can.

by Anthony on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

I've had a fair amount of massages this year however none of these can compare to this. Graeme certainly does know his way around the bodies muscles.

by Diane on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
A wonderful start to the day!

Before booking my appointment I checked the reviews first and I can say that I was not disappointed; Graeme is a lovely person, he is professional and kind and you get the sense that you will be in safe hands. The ambience of the room is calm and I felt relaxed during my massage and mini yoga session. I am more than happy to recommend Graeme and look forward to returning.

by Law Student on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Great professional very knowledgeable

Great massage. very knowledgeable. Works intuitively. Capable of sorting out long term tension. Thoroughly recommend. (Good to have proper classical music playing too.)

by Polly on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Great knowledgeable masseur

Graeme is a great masseur. Really professional, prompt in getting back to me and flexible in arranging appointments around my busy schedule. I have seen him both for relaxation and for therapeutic issues and he did some great work on a bad neck recently. A lovely guy and highly recommended.

by julie on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
A true sense of wellbeing

I have attended three mini yoga group sessions with Graeme and already feel the restorative effects physically and spirtually. The postures can be challenging and cardio vascular but also feel kind to the body, I arrive at the class agitated from the days events of a stressful job but leave the session feeling energised and calm.

by Max on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Excellent Massage

I'd been stressed for a long time, and had tried out various therapists and massages. Graeme however, was nothing short of excellent - I actually fell asleep at one point, I was that relaxed. Great technique, and a nice bloke too which makes the experience that more enjoyable. I will definitely be booking again with him, thanks.

by RK on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Amazing massage

I had my first 90-minute massage session with Graeme this week. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. Graeme had the right balance of softness & firmness which resulted in pure bliss!! He is very professional, knowledgeable & passionate about massage/yoga. I cannot wait to go back for more massage & also to try yoga!!

by neelay p on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

I had my first deep tissue/sports massage with Graeme over the weekend. He did a fantastic job. Very professional, and effectively focussed on my troubled areas. I highly recommend him and I will be going back.

by Angelika G on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Deep release

Every time I have a massage with Graeme I feel absolutely wonderful! That is why I keep coming back! It is such a treat to be in really good hands, Graeme has a true talent and intuition to deeply release tension and to rebalance and harmonise the energy flow in my body! I will be back soon!

by Sanjivan K on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Excellent Yoga and Massage

Highly recommended. I didn't have any specific issues to deal with but went for a general de-stress & relax. Graeme gave a fantastically detailed and considered yoga class. Good focus on breath and development of a personalised programme of movement. And we did the class in the park on a sunny day- which was a fantastic first for me. The massage was wonderfully vigorous, pleasantly so. Graeme really found my knotty points- shoulders, upper back and legs. I felt wonderfully relaxed and refreshed after the session. Looking forward to another one soon.

by Nemo on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

Graeme is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. He was able to work out areas that I never thought possible. He is great with deep tissue massage. . .gentle yet firm touch and very tuned in with the person he is working on.

He makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As he talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell he really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.

by Livia r. on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
took away my back pain that i had for months

my first massage session was absolutely amazing, Graeme took away my back pain that i had for months, great hands great therapy amazing professional whom really knows what`s doing,will recommend for sure. thank you very much Graeme.

by Aun C. on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Loosening of shoulder and back

Good 1 hour session to alleviate my shoulder and upper back ache (occupational). Have had previous therapeutic massages and Graeme found all the previous areas that needed attention. Knew how much pressure to exert from his experience. Overall, a very effective massage and highly recommended.

by Tolga Y. on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Only one word "amazing"

I have had 2 seesions with Graeme and he is just amazing ! Very professional and talented hands . I had so much pain on my shoulders and back from training and after the sessions with him my muscle pains just disappear . definetly going for more 🙂 highly recomended !!!

by Caroline on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Highly recomend

I've had a lot of massages over the years, as it really helps with a health problem I have (fibromyalgia). Many massage therapist have learnt one relaxation routine and can't really do anything other than that. Graeme isn't one of those, he really knows what he is doing and really helped me. He has a good understanding of how muscles work together and was able to find and soothe the areas of tension. I highly recommend him.

by Graham T. on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
great massage for a desk worker like me

I've had numerous treatment sessions with Graeme now and always feel in better condition each massage. I sit at a computer for 7 hours a day which takes it's toll and I suffer from stiff shoulders and some lower back pain. Graeme quickly gets to the route of the trouble and eases out all the tension. He has a very calm and sympathetic manner which makes the whole experience very relaxing.

by Pat T on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
An experience not to be missed!

My sessions with Graeme have been exhilarating! I often experience tenseness and stiffness in the shoulder girdle, which under Graeme's soothing hands softly dissipates leaving me refreshed and relaxed at the same time. His careful guidance through yoga poses helps retain and expand this uplifting feeling. An experience not to be missed!

by pjb67 on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
sympathetic and reassuring

My two massage therapy sessions from Graeme left me feeling wonderful. I carry lots of tension in my muscles and am not the sort of person who would normally be very comfortable with massage but Graeme's sympathetic and reassuring attitude combined with what can only be great massage skills meant that especially in the second session, I was able to discover new levels of relaxation and benefit tremendously.

by vileti on Attento Massage @ Baricaban
Highly recommended!

Graeme's massage is guaranteed to lift you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday stressful living. It's the ideal way to release all tensions, strains and frustrations build up in the body. It also promotes deep sense of piece, calm and tranquillity. After a session with Graeme my energy levels are up and muscular tension significantly lessened. He definitely knows how to rebalance your energy flow! Highly recommended!

by Uvegi on Attento Massage @ Baricaban

Had a couple of treatments with Graeme from attento-he was professional, the massage was very relaxing, just what you need at the end of a hectic week. Felt great and would definitely book again. If you want to feel good about yourself, just give it a go....Thanks.

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